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Work Related Immunisation

The Occupational Health Service (OHS) is able to advise staff on all aspects of work related travel health.

Please note that advice regarding travel vaccinations cannot be given over the telephone; all consultations require a face-to-face consultation with an Occupational Health Adviser (OHA).

Travel Vaccine Service

You should arrange an appointment with the OHS well in advance (preferably at least two months) of your departure; immunisations may need to be given over a period of time and some take time to become effective.

However, arrange an appointment with OHS even if you are going at short notice - some protection may be better than none.

If you need anti-malaria medication, we will advise on and can supply the most appropriate type for your trip.

N.B If you require prescribed medicines while abroad, please discuss this with your General Practitioner. Further information and advice on taking medication out of the UK can be found at Health Advice for Travellers .

To make an appointment with an OHA for travel health advice and immunisation please call 020 7679 2802 (Internal: 32802) You will be asked for details of your travel plans when you call, including dates of travel, countries visited on route, destinations and type of accommodation. This allows us to provide you with up to date advice relevant to your trip. Please bring previous vaccinations records with you to your appointment.

For general information on vaccine preventable diseases see: Vaccine Preventable Diseases & Travel

Travel Health Advice:

  • Altitude
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Food & Water Hygiene
  • Other Travel Related Illnesses
  • Personal Safety
  • Travelling Safely

Travel Health Links:

Further Information

Travel Safety

Safety Services provide advice on work which is carried out in a location or premises not owned or managed by UCL, i.e. not UCL premises. A risk assessment must be undertaken prior to the commencement of such work.

Further advice is available at or by contacting your Departmental Safety Officer.

Travel First Aid Packs

You should always take your own first aid pack if travelling to an area with limited medical facilities. Please see Health Advice for Travellers for details of what your pack should contain which can then be purchased from The Hospital for Tropical Diseases. The OHS does not supply first aid packs.

Travel Insurance

You must make arrangements for travel insurance and emergency contact information before travelling. The UCL Finance Division can advise you further.


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