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Off-site working is defined as any teaching, research or work activity carried out by UCL staff, students or visiting research workers on behalf of UCL in places or premises which are not rented or owned by UCL and over which UCL does not exert direct management control.


Head of Department

The Head of Department must appoint an Off-Site Work Co-ordinator as a point of contact for off-site work carried out by the department. This responsibility is in addition to the Head of Departments general duties as described in UCLs Organisation & Arrangements for Safety Section 3.1.6.

Exception: If the only off-site work undertaken in a Department is attendance at 'Meetings and Conferences' in the UK then an Off-Site Work Co-ordinator need not be appointed. Managers of those involved can fulfil this function.


NB The appointment of the Off-Site Work Co-ordinator must be recorded in the departments Responsible Persons Register in RiskNET. More than one Off-site Work Co-ordinator may be appointed and their role further defined in departmental written arrangements e.g. Off-site Work Co-ordinator - Fieldwork.

Off-site Work Co-ordinator

Responsibilities of the Off-site Work Co-ordinator can be found at the following link: Roles & Responsibilities


To access the guidance and checklists for the Off-site work you will be undertaking use the tabs at the top of this page. Then follow the steps in numbered order i.e.

Step 1. Itinerary - record the itinerary i.e. who, where, what, when of the off-site work you are about to undertake.

Step 2. Risk Assessment - assess the risks associated with the off-site work and record the significant findings.

Steps 3 and 4. Checklists - these cover a variety of subjects relevant to the off-site work to be undertaken e.g. travel, fire safety, pre-visit checks etc

NB A checklist is not a risk assessment.



The law


RiskNET Risk Assessment Tool

Fieldwork Risk Assessment

Management of Health and Safety at Work



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