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Definition: Hosted research is defined as visits or placements to other universities or academic institutions, in the UK or abroad, to carry out research using their facilities in collaboration with or with the co-operation of the host organisation.

Risks: The risks will relate to the hazards of the work location e.g. a laboratory and any additional hazards associated with the research activity e.g. chemicals. In some cases the research may simply involve the examination of written material where the most significant risks will be associated with ergonomics e.g. static postures leading to discomfort and pain.

The host organisation may have risk assessments in place for all or part of the research work and these should be requested and reviewed before the work commences i.e. to ensure they cover all aspects of the work.

If the hosted research is conducted abroad the following factors must be considered when completing the risk assessment:

  • the social and political situation of the destination. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office may advise against travel to some countries and regions. If you decide to disregard this advice UCLs Insurance provider may not provide cover.
  • immunisations that may be required in advance of the trip. Some immunisations must be administered weeks in advance to be effective.

If the research involves work with human participants then UCL Research Ethics Committee approval may be required.



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