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Safety monitoring is an important element of safety management and is carried out to assist with the improvement of safety performance. Departments are required to carry out safety monitoring as part of UCL's governance and legal compliance arrangements. See UCLs Organisation & Arrangements for Safety, section 9 'Measuring Performance'

There are two types of safety monitoring:

1. Active monitoring is a planned process which allows departments to identify potential issues before they result in incidents / accidents or ill-health and involves:

  • visits, checks and inspections of the workplace, equipment and plant;
  • health surveillance of staff involved in certain work activities.

An active monitoring programme provides information on:

    • the effectiveness of risk control measures implemented as a result of risk assessment;
    • work conditions or practices which introduce new hazards;
    • risks due to non-compliance with previously agreed risk control measures.

2. Reactive monitoring is carried when an incident has occurred. It involves:

  • investigating accidents and incidents including near misses;
  • monitoring cases of ill-health and sickness absence records.

Incidents do not always result in injury and ill-health – they can cause damage to property, equipment or the environment.

An investigation will help to:

  • identify why existing control measures may have failed or not been used and improve future risk management;
  • provide a snapshot of what really happens and how work is done (workers may find shortcuts to make work quicker or easier);
  • identify lessons learnt that can be communicated to other parts of UCL;
  • demonstrate a commitment to improving health and safety.
See: Accidents and Incidents for UCLs reporting arrangements.




The law


RiskNET Incident Reporting Tool

RiskNET Audit and Inspection Tool

Accident / incident Investigation Workshop


Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974

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