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Operating procedures

LEV suppliers should provide an operating manual or operating procedure with equipment. This should be retained and used locally, either as supplied or used as the basis for a local procedure. Consider posting your equipment procedures on or near the LEV, to make sure staff and students have the information they require at point of use.

“Thorough examination”
Thorough examination tests the LEV against the performance recorded in its commissioning report. It should include airflow measurements, checks on control effectiveness and, possibly, exposure measurement. If you don’t have the initial design performance data, you will not know whether your system is working correctly, so you may need to have your system commissioned.

Following a thorough examination, the examiner will attach a ‘tested’ label to the LEV. This will include the name of the examiner and the date of the next test. If a hood has clearly failed, then a red ‘fail’ label will be attached instead, and urgent action will be necessary. The examiner will give you a report of the examination and test, which should include a prioritised action plan listing anything that you need to do.

If the examination and test show that the LEV isn’t adequately controlling people’s exposure to airborne contaminants, stop using the equipment and repair the LEV. If you want work to continue while you arrange repair, employees will need further protection, such as suitable PPE. The system should carry a red ‘fail’ label until it has been repaired.

A suitable record of the examination and test should be kept for a minimum of 5 years from the date on which it was made.

Advice and support:

    Ask suppliers for advice on the types of LEV available and their suitability for different tasks

    Contact your departmental / line manager or Safety Services


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