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You must regularly check your LEV and also have it ‘thoroughly examined and tested’ at least every 12 months by a competent individual, usually a service contractor. This will ensure it works well and continues to protect you and those you work with.

How often you check your LEV and what checks you may need to perform depend on how complicated the system is; how likely it is to fail and the consequences if it does. Complicated LEV that will have a serious impact if it fails will need more frequent checks and maintenance.

LEV used for radioactive work may need additional maintenance and/or monitoring checks. If filters are changed during maintenance, particular consideration should be given to disposal. For more advice on use, maintenance and decommissioning of LEV used for radioactive work, please contact the UCL Radiation Protection Officer

Annual checks and maintenance tend to cover four areas:

  1. Moving parts that may wear, such as fan bearings
  2. Non-moving parts, such as hoods, ductwork and seals (which can suffer physical or chemical damage and wear)
  3. Parts that deteriorate with use
  4. Items that need regular attention, such as filters that need replacing

Annual test information labels should be displayed and include the test date, who carried out the testing and indicate whether the unit has been passed for use.

Local, routine checks are recommended weekly or monthly and can include:

  • Operation of control switches / gauges
  • Checking alarms for sash position or airflow (if installed)
  • Checking sash mechanisms
  • Visual check for signs of corrosion or damage
  • Checking lights function correctly

If you find any problems during local checks please call the Customer Services Centre ext. 30000 (020 7679 0000 from outside) or e-mail: efdservices@ucl.ac.uk

Statutory Testing

See: UCLs Standard - Local exhaust ventilation – managing the risks for the arrangements in place for the examination and testing of LEV including the allocation of responsibilities.
Record keeping
Keep a written record of all LEV checks and maintenance to show that it has been done and that your equipment is working as well as it should. Keeping a history of maintenance will also help you understand trends and fix problems before they get worse!



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