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Roles and responsibilities

Heads of Department
Must ensure that all those working with animals are registered for health surveillance with UCL OHS, and appoint a named contact person to liaise with OHS in relation to staff health surveillance
Must ensure that local exhaust ventilation (LEV) used to control exposure to LAA (or other airborne contaminants) is independently examined, tested and maintained every 14 months and maintain a record of staff on the health surveillance programme and record of health surveillance outcomes
Must maintain up-to-date health clearance for work involving exposure to animal allergens while they carry out this work and promptly report any symptoms of allergy to their manager and to UCL OHS.
Departmental Designated Contact

Responsible for liaison with OHS on matters relating to staff health surveillance including advising line managers/supervisors of occupational health advice and non-attendance at appointments.


Estates Division
Will ensure that general room ventilation systems within Biological Services Units are examined, tested and maintained and keep records of this process

The Director of Biological Service

Will ensure that BS facilities are designed and managed so as to control exposure to laboratory animal allergens and provide adequate personal protective equipment for all those working in BSUs (including maintenance staff and contractors

Biological Service Unit Managers
Will enforce the use of the correct personal protective equipment within BSUs.
Occupational Health Services
Will provide baseline and ongoing health surveillance and recall programmes; give advice on adjustments to work to reduce exposure to LAA and on symptoms of sensitisation and the importance of early referral  for occupational health advice; identify suspected cases of sensitisation and occupational asthma and, if necessary, report cases of confirmed occupational asthma under with RIDDOR 2013
Safety Services

(With Biological Services) will provide advice in relation to request for new departmental registered rooms and ensuring that the appropriate arrangements are in place to protect human health and safety before the room is recommended for designation






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