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Occupational health surveillance

Surveillance programme - All staff and post-graduate students who may be exposed to animal allergens at work (including maintenance staff) must be enrolled on the health surveillance programme delivered by UCL's Occupational Health Service (OHS).  This comprises:

  • Baseline screening - must be undertaken before any exposure takes place. 

  • Second screening at three months.

  • Third at six months after the second.

  • Fourth six months after the third. 

  • Annual recall - either attendance at OHS for spirometry and a health questionnaire, or completion of a health questionnaire, depending on your level of allergen exposure.

You must maintain an up-to-date health clearance by attending any follow-up appointments and/ returning your health questionnaires. If you do not attend your recall appointments or complete questionnaires, OHS will advise your managers/supervisors that you should avoid exposure to LAA until satisfactory health surveillance has been undertaken.

Experiencing symptoms - If you experience any symptoms of allergy at any time, you must report this to your manager/supervisor and make any appointment with OHS for an assessment of their symptoms - don't wait for your annual recall. Depending on the outcome of any investigations, OHS will work with you and your manager/supervisor and provide advise on controls and/or adjustments to work that will allow you to continue to work if possible.

Further information on the health surveillance programme at UCL can be found on the Occupational Health Services's web pages.



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