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Gas regulators are designed to reduce the pressure of the gas from the cylinder to the lower pressure required for the operation of the equipment or process.

Regulators typically have the following features:

  • inlet pressure gauge which indicates the pressure in the cylinder;
  • delivery pressure gauge which indicates the reduced pressure being delivered to the equipment or process;
  • a pressure adjusting valve which controls the volume of gas entering the gas delivery gauge

The gas regulator must be selected for use with the gas it was designed for - they are not interchangeable! Using the wrong regulator can damage it or result in a serious accident.

Gas regulators are precision instruments and can be easily damaged - treat them with care!


Gas regulators should be:

  • regularly inspected to confirm they are free from damage or contamination;
  • tested and inspected annually by a competent person to ensure they are functioning correctly. BOC carry out the annual test and inspection on behalf of departments;
  • replaced at least every 5 years whether they have been used or not because they contain parts that deteriorate with time.

Managers responsible for the work with compressed gases must ensure that regulators are inspected, tested and replaced at the intervals specified.

Never attempt to alter or repair gas regulators or valves


The condition of the hoses used to connect the cylinder to the equipment is vitally important to safety.

Hoses should:

  • be protected from mechanical damage, heat, sparks, oil and grease;
  • not be longer than needed and they should not be kinked or twisted;
  • be replaced if they show any signs of damage and therefore must be visually inspected frequently;
  • be compatible with the gas with which they are to be used;
  • be used at the pressure for which they are designed.

Always use:

  • pressure hoses to connect gas cylinders to equipment;
  • retaining clips or ferrules to secure hoses to gas cylinders and/or equipment.


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