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Heads of Department must ensure that there are arrangements in place to identify and control the risks arising from DSE work in their departments and to allocate resources accordingly.  The arrangements will include:
  • the selection and training of DSE assessors;
  • the provision of resources to ensure that workstations meet the minimum specified requirements;
  • the provision of information about the risks associated with DSE work;
  • ensuring there is a system in place for fault reporting; and
  • ensuring that records are kept.

Line managers must ensure that:
  • new staff and post graduate students undertake the online training on the safe use of DSE and then carry out the online self-assessment of their workstation as soon as possible after they start work.  This can be part of the routine induction of new staff and post graduate students and will form part of the induction record for individuals;
  • the workstations of existing staff have been assessed.  If no paper record exists for a member of staff, they should carry out a self assessment online.  Where a paper record exists i.e. the assessment was carried out under previous arrangements, when a review of the assessment is triggered this should be carried out using the online tool;
  • recommendations made by the DSE assessor are implemented;
  • if the changes made as a result of the DSE assessment do not resolve pain, discomfort or health issues experienced by the User then the User must be referred to Occupational Health for advice.
  • a review is undertaken when required.

DSE Assessors must:
  • attend training – ‘Assessment of Display Screen Equipment Foundation Workshop’ to gain the knowledge and skills to analyse workstations;
  • in consultation with managers identify which DSE Users you will assess;
  • issue workstation assessments using the RiskNET DSE tool;
  • carry out a DSE assessment if issues are raised in user self-assessments;
  • record the results and/or recommendations which must be communicated to the manager for implementation;
  • re-issue a self-assessment when a review is appropriate.
DSE Users must:
  • carry out a DSE self-assessment when requested to do so;
  • follow the advice and guidance provided about workstation layout and correct posture;
  • report health problems or workstation faults to their manager.




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