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Notification to HSE

In the case of work that requires prior notification to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) (Class 2 and above), you will need to:

  • Complete both the UCL assessment on RiskNET and the relevant HSE form (CU2) - use the word form accessible from this page as it already contains relevant administrative information.

  • Pay a fee to HSE - you will be contacted with a request for your PTA (Project.Task.Award) codes once you have submitted all the relevant paperwork.

All notifications to HSE are made via the University Biological Safety Adviser (USBA). Send your CU2 by email to Jonathan Blackman in Safety Services - this will then be filed with your assessment on RiskNET once we have received either the acknowledgement or consent from HSE.

When can you start work

Class 2  All new and subsequent Class 2 activities must be notified to HSE.  As UCL already has Class 2 activities notified to HSE, work may start on receipt of the acknowledgement from HSE unless they indicate that work should not start.  You should receive an acknowledgement within 10 (working) days of receipt of the notification by HSE. This will be filed as an attachment with your assessment in RiskNET
Class 3 Work may not start without written consent from HSE.  This will be granted (or refused) within 90 days of the date of the acknowledgement for the first notification of this activity class, and 45 days for subsequent activities.
Work with transgenic plants or animals Only those activities where the GMO is more harmful than the parental organism need to be notified to HSE.  Work can start 45 days after the date of the acknowledgement or earlier if HSE  gives written approval for the work to start.

CU2 form (word version)

Current HSE fees

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