Ergonomics and Display Screen Equipment
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Ergonomics and Display Screen Equipment
›  Introduction
UCL requires that Managers ensure that the risks associated with display screen equipment (DSE) work are assessed and controlled. The risks associated with DSE and caused by working at poorly laid out workstations and static postures include:
  • Aches
  • Fatigue
  • Pains
  • Eye discomfort
Safety Services have more specific information about Roles and Responsibilities related to DSE and also answers to some Frequently Asked Questions on their webpages.

›  DSE Assessors
The following staff at Estates are qualified to undertake DSE Assessments:
  • Jacqui Tannis Riley
  • Rhona Brown
  • Liam Richardson
  • Nikkie Bell
  • Paula Allen
  • Varsha Varma

›  Quick Tips
  • Take micropauses - fully relax for 3 seconds every 3 minutes
  • Take regular breaks and stretch
  • It's important not to 'squeeze' computer mouse
  • Try to vary tasks where possible
  • Rest hands when not using the mouse or keyboard
  • Avoid cradling telephone handset
  • Be conscious of posture - sit upright with elbows close to body
  • Learn how to adjust own furniture
  • Learn short cut keys using the 'Ctrl' key - X=Cut C=Copy V=Paste S=Save Y=Redo Z=Undo P=Print
  • Learn symptoms of a GPI (aching which is relieved by having a break) and report these early to manager

›  Equipment Checklist
  • Chair height adjusted so that elbows bend at right angles when resting on keyboard
  • Chair can be positioned so that the body can naturally face the screen
  • Chair back is adjusted so that posture is upright
  • Telephone is positioned so that reaching awkwardly is avoided
  • Footstool provided if feet do not naturally rest flat on floor
  • Position mouse and pad so that it can be naturally used with elbows close to body and bent at right angles
  • Copy holder is used if a lot of transcribing is done
  • Use wrist rests for keyboard and mouse if necessary for comfort
  • Work surfaces are uncluttered
  • Headset is used if the telephone is used frequently
  • Adjust keyboard so that elbows can be close to body and bent at right angles
  • Screen at correct level and distance away for line of sight and not affected by glare
›  More Information
If you have any other questions, Safety Services has a page dedicated to DSE Information which include links to UCL Standards and Guidance
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