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Overseeing Works or Contracts
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If you are overseeing any works or contracts, it is your responsibility to ensure UCL Estates does everything it can so that:
  • the project is completed safely
  • there are no unintended risks to safety created as a result of the project.
You will find resources to help you to fulfill your responsibilities here. If you need any further advice, you should contact someone from the Safety Team.

›  Pre-Construction Information
UCL provides pre-construction information (PCI) to designers and contractors to enable them to understand the UCL site and its hazards. This information, should be made available to designers and contractors as early on in the project as possible. Staff who are overseeing works and contracts are required to ensure this happens.

For designers, this enables them to consider these requirements and constraints during the design process. For contractors, this allows them to prepare suitable risk assessment and method statements to manage the risks.

To help with this process, there is a publicly accessible webpage for Contractors and Designers with information and links to a lot of the general information. Sending them a link to this page is an efficient way to give them access to most of the PCI they need. However, they will also require some project-specific information provided by you which is not on this page.

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›  Projects Stages and Responsibilites
Your safety responsibilities will vary at each stage of the project. (To be completed)

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›  Specific Topics
Depending on the project you are overseeing, different safety topics will be of interest to you. Click on a tab below to expand on the topic:
After Hours And Lone Working
If you are overseeing projects where people might be working after hours or on their own (even if these people are contractors), then you have certain responsibilities to manage this risk. Go to the After Hours and Lone Working page to view the responsibilities, UCL Estates guidelines for this and the risk assessment process.
If you are overseeing projects at a site where there is known or suspected asbestos containing material (ACM) , this presents a significant risk and strict processes are required to be followed. You might also be in a situation where ACM if encountered unexpectedly, which requires an immediate response and reqporting. Go to the Asbestos page for more information including information on the Asbestos Management Plan, the Asbestos Register and Asbestos Surveys
Construction (Design Management) (CDM) Regulations 2015
If a project you are overseeing involves activities which meet the definition of 'construction', then the CDM Regs will be applicable. You will have certain obligations under this legislation which you need to be familiar with. Go to the CDM Regs page for more information about the requirements, including a link to a briefing
Construction Phase Plans
Principal Contractors are legally required to prepare a Construction Phase Plan (CPP). People who are Overseeing Works and Contracts have responsiblities in relation to CPPs. This includes ensuring certain information is providing and performing an assurance role throughout the life of the project. Go to the Construction Phase Plans page for more information about where CPPs fit into the UCL Estates processes, a link to a briefing about this topic and a tool to help with the asssessment and assurance of a CPP.
Fire Safety
Project work requires specific fire safety considerations. Go to the Fire Safety page for an overview of the Fire Safety-related guidelines and standards relevant to projects.
People who are overseeing works or contracts have assurance-related responsibilities at sites where the work is being carried out. This may involve site visits and inspection activities for compliance against Construction Phase Plans and Safety Rules for Contractors, for example. Go to the Inspection page for information on these responsibilities.
Principal Contractors will require permits for certain activities they are carrying out. People who are Overseeing Works and Contracts will be involved in the Permit processes. Go to the Permit page for information on these responsibilities.
Project Management
People who are overseeing works or contracts will need to follow UCL estates Project Management processes, which incorporate safety-related processes. Go to the Portfolio Services Framework page for information on this process.
Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS)
Principal Contractors are responsible for ensuring they carry out risk assessments and develop method statements which manage the significant risks of their activities. People who are overseeing works or contracts are not required to have technical knowledge about the risk assessment or contents of Method Statements but do have assurance-related responsibilities regarding RAMS. Go to the Risk Assessment and Method Statement page for information on these responsibilities.
Safety Rules for Contractors
The UCL Estates Safety Rules for Contractors are an employer's requirement which holds contractual status. People who Oversee Works or Contracts need to assure themselves that the Principal Contractor is complying with these Rules. The Construction Phase Plana and any Method Statements need to be consistent with these Rules. Go to the Safety Rules for Contractors page for information about these, to download a signed copy of the Rules and for a link to a briefing on the Rules.
Incidents involving scaffolding activities have the potential to be significant and the requirements around the management of such activities are comprehensive. People who are Overseeing Work and Contracts where scaffolding is being, or likely to be, used are required to be familiar with the UCL Estates Scaffold Standard and their responsibilities under this standard. Go to the Scaffold Arrangements page for information about the requirements and responsibilities for scaffold activities, including a link to relevant training.

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›  Training
UCL Estates has particular processes for people who are responsible for managing projects and work where contractors are involved. You will need to understand these processes and your role in following them.

To help with this, Estates has a suite of training covering various topics, especially those related to safety. If you see the 'training' icon (as shown on the left) on any safety page, this indicates information related to training for that topic. For general information about safety training, go to the Safety Training page.

In particular, the following e-learning modules cover relevant topics for staff overseeing works and contracts:

There is also a presentation about what the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 mean for projects at UCL Estates:

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