Managing for Staff Safety
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Managing for Staff Safety
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If you are a manager, it is your responsibility to ensure your staff:
  • have the right information, competencies and supervision to carry out their work safely
  • are following the correct processes
  • are working in a safe environment
You will find resources to enable you to fulfill your safety responsibilities here. If you need any further advice, you should contact someone from the Safety Team.

›  New Staff
The best way to begin fulfilling your responsibilities for new staff is to direct them to the Information for New Staff page. This will introduce them to some useful general information about working at UCL Estates.

They will also need the relevant support from you about their specific role, including the specific risks they might encounter and the control measures in place. For more information on familiarising yourself with the risks and control measures for specific topics, see the Specific Responsibilities by Topics section below.

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›  Competencies, Training and Performance Appraisals
A large part of ensuring staff safety will be making sure your staff are competent to do their job. Your staff are considered 'competent' if they have the knowledge, experience, training and skills to do their job safely and effectively.

This will be an ongoing process and it is your responsibility to make sure that this process keeps moving for your staff.

Since all your staff will have different roles and requirements and will all be at different stages, they will need to be considered individually.

The performance appraisal process is a good framework to help you manage this process as it focusses on individuals and has a professional development emphasis.

Improving competency in individuals will involve training (such as courses, e-learning etc). But to get staff as competent as possible will also require a balance of other solutions such as coaching sessions, team meetings and buddy systems, for example.

For more information about determining safety competencies for your staff and suggested solutions, go to the Competencies page.

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›  Specific Responsibilities by Topic
Depending on the activities your staff are involved with, you will have certain responsibilities related to the risks of those activities. You should go to the Safety Topics page to browse through the relevant topics for your staff.

When you see the 'manager' icon (as shown on the left) on a safety page, this indicates information related to management responsibilities for that topic. In particular, the following topics prescribe important management responsibilities:

After Hours and Lone Working Incidents and Incident Reporting Risk Assessments
Asbestos Inspections Stress
Fire Safety Personal Protective Equipment Substances Hazardous to Health

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